Reset and Unlock Meizu MX6 Android Phone

Follow above link to get more methods.

You can easily Hard Reset Meizu MX6 android phone here. You can also unlock or remove lock Meizu MX6 phone when you forgot the password.

Hard Reset deletes all your Phone data like photos, apps, music files, and contacts etc. Make sure to backup all your data before the reset.

Hard Reset 1) Power off your Meizu MX6, by holding power button. 2)Hold down the Volume Up + Power Button. 3)After that, Release both Buttons when you see LOGO appears on your mobile screen.
4) Next, you will see Recovery Screen appears.
5) Next, Select Clear Data option.
6) Finally, Tap on the Start.
7) Reset completed on your mobile.

Q. What do I lose if I reset my Meizu MX6 phone? What should I backup before factory reset android?
A. You may lose Apps, Media files and All device Settings etc. You must back up Important media files, and contacts etc.

Q. What happens if I reboot my Meizu MX6 Android phone?
A. All running apps closed and your device will be restarted.

Q. How can I reboot my Android phone?
A. Press and Hold power button for a while, You will see Reboot option there.